Time Lapse - Chandelier Installation

We've spent a lot of 2014 being creative outside of our workshop.  Rachel Eva joined the Advisory Board for Vanguard Culture, a San Diego arts media organization, and Shawn Michael has been making a lot of art with photography.  We also started a business (see our Standard Spoon project). In between all of that, we were still able to work on some sculptural lighting.  We created a few pieces for ourselves, and several commissioned works for others. 

This is a project we had a lot of fun working on, a chandelier for friends and clients of ours.  It's made mostly of Hawaiian Koa wood and features 15 bulbs with spiral filaments that are each a foot long!  

We constructed the chandelier in 5 segments, recognizing that not only was all this wood heavy, but the art had some pretty sharp, downward-pointing pieces, and would be difficult (and dangerous) to install in one piece. We essentially built the chandelier upside-down, with painstaking attention to the segmented assembly process and spacial requirements for future bulb placement. 

And here is a time-lapse video we took of our trial installation in the workshop. We finally flipped the base of the chandelier and mounted it to our workshop ceiling, then assembled each of the panels right-side-up.  This was an exercise in adjusting the length of each cord (the height of each bulb), prior to on-site installation.

Some final photos of the piece installed in its new home -- day and evening lighting. An impressive piece for a great family, and just the thing to finish off their dining room.  We had a great time making this one, and what's best is that we get to see it whenever we visit!