12 great small businesses for 2014

In November we shopped locally for  Small Business Saturday, and bought as many Christmas gifts as we could from small local business. Here are some great local (San Diego) and online businesses we recommend you check out! 

Daedalus Emporium: Buying new and used books? Check out this collection of over 4,500 tomes by our good friend Stephen Silke. I believe he has several copies of our poetry collection, Furniture for sale.

Bottlecraft: For beer lovers, skip BevMo, PLEASE. Check out this boutique beer shop online, or at either of its two locations (Little Italy & North Park)

City Farmers Nursery: Skip Home Depot, go here instead.  Centrally located in San Diego, City Farmers nursery is a great place to go for indoor and outdoor plants, garden projects, and city farming – think chickens, koi, hydroponics, beekeeping, canning, composting – you name it! Events and Classes are listed on the website.

Handmade Wooden Gift Tags by The Woody Beckers

Handmade Wooden Gift Tags by The Woody Beckers

The Woody Beckers: Wooden gift tags, gift cards, and planters (including magnetic wood planters), perfect for tabletop succulents.

Bandcamp: A great place to buy music directly from the musician. May we recommend “Easy Come, Easy Go” by Patrick Norton, and “Peat Moss on the Tongue” by Kristopher Apple & Blair Robert Nelson.

Citizen Recording: For those of you that are musicians, consider booking a recording session with Patrick Norton at his San Diego recording studio.  Gift Certificates are available.

Pigment: Housewares, accessories, gift ideas, and a plant lab – shop online or in the North Park store.

Dolcetti Boutique: Asking for fashion? Go here, you’ll get it. Buy online or in the 5th Avenue store downtown.

Gym Standard: Get your fresh kicks here. Visit the store on El Cajon Blvd to peruse this great shoe and apparel collection.

Dark Horse Coffee: Buy some freshly roasted beans from here, and you won’t be sorry.

Coffee & Tea Collective: check out their new Coffee Kit (in black or tan)!!

Camp & Pack Coffee Kit from Coffee & Tea Collective

Camp & Pack Coffee Kit from Coffee & Tea Collective

For your browsing and searching pleasure, check out the small business owners at www.etsy.com and www.kickstarter.com for everything from home decor to apparel to games to new design products.

If you have friends that own small businesses, find a way to support them in the next few months. The post-holiday months can be hard for small businesses, so spend a couple extra bucks to keep the money with families and friends instead of big boxes and corporations.