Korea à la mode

Seoul Shanty A recent dalliance with Korean architecture combined with remembered designs and aesthetics inspired this new work, "Seoul Shanty."  I explored more deeply the concept of layering, using Work of My Hand's "Bot" platform, and pushing the boundaries of dimension.  "Seoul Shanty" is a glimpse through a latticed window into what might have been, built from my interpretation of what a Korean inventor and tradesman might dream up.

The work evokes a high-fidelity time when only top-notch quality products were available: heavy, sturdy, long lasting materials are harnessed and assembled with the utmost care and detail.  Practical design and delicate beauty are combined in a functional device, at a cultural time when every element used had significance and a purpose. At this time, a simple item like a chair or a water pitcher would have been created with extreme intention.

In this case, what would have served as a working-class man's work lamp, sturdy yet mobile, has a dignity, a regality even, that surpasses the transitory nature of its modern relatives.  Materials include cement, zebrawood, mahogany, steel, leather, artisan paper, cloth wrapped cord, industrial casters.

Shawn Michael

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