Featured in Design Magazine: Technology Trends for 2013

Mix Magazine Issue 28 Sculptural Lighting Work of My Hands Electricity in Art ArticleTo look ahead at 2013, let's take a glance back at this 2012 issue of Mix Magazine, which featured Work of My Hands in the Technology Trends section for the new year!  This section, according to writer Richard Prime, focuses on "interesting concepts and developments across design and architecture with a focus on technically adept solutions and design." Not only did our Kickstarter project in March of last year help us successfully raise the funds (through pre-sales and commissions) to launch the collection of artwork, but it gave us a larger, global audience to speak to about our work!

Work of My Hands received the following nod from the publication:

Nautical Influences

"Work of My Hands was formed by Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael and stands behind Electricity in Art: Sculptural Lighting, a project blending art, sculpture and design together with engagingly steampunk style results. Launched as part of the biggest art walk in San Diego in April, the one off pieces are striking in their blends of materials and ways of displaying and directing their light sources which look like they might sit perfectly happily in Captain Nemo’s Nautilus (and are therefore at the peak of desirability). Continuing our current era of Victoriana nautical influences, it’s a vibrant take on the form."

Porcelain Hangman

Being based in San Diego, it's no surprise that nautical elements influence our work. We're not so drawn to watersports and whale watching as our visiting public; it's mostly the ocean side rail yards, the shipbuilding industry, and the old piers and wharfs in some of the older beach communities that draw us to the sea. And the long, sweeping sand of North Island (Rachel's favorite).

So take note: Nautical themes are here to stay for 2013.

Mix Magazine is a design publication by Global Color Research, based out of London, UK, which offers color research services, design trend forecasting, and sneak-peaks at new design products and concepts that are on the up-and-up. This section was published in Issue 28, which forecasts design for Spring & Summer of 2013.

I say that's a great start to the new year!