Painting, Printmaking, and Photography, Oh My!

igprint2 PrintmakingShawn Michael and I enjoyed a brief inspiration trip to the mountains this past month, and had an interesting conversation about what “Work of My Hands” is all about.  We’ve been focusing fiercely on our sculptural lighting collection, exploring the theme “electricity in art” for the last year and a half.  But we’re also painters, illustrators, photographers and printmakers.  We garden and build things and cut hair. How aptly we named ourselves!  Here’s a look at some of the other art forms we engage in:


During our stay in the mountains, I had fun with a little printmaking: a simple oak leaf found on the front steps of the cabin where we stayed.  Those of you who supported our Kickstarter project also received a Thank-You Print for your support.  Both of these projects used Shina plywood, a fine-grained wood from Hokkaido, the northern-most island of Japan.  Printmakers can order this resource from McClain’s Printmaking Supplies.


Before we started building 3-dimensionally, Shawn Michael and I painted.  We still do, and will continue to do so, but with all this electricity business I'd almost forgotten about our paintings until a friend called up and wanted to buy one for his apartment!  We'll be shipping "The Last Stair" to New York in the spring, and for the holidays, "Whitney" is on display at the Women's Museum of California, in San Diego, at a show entitled "Capturing the Wonder of Women."

The Last Stair


Both of us enjoy making pictures, Shawn with his photography gear and both of us with instagram and iphone photo apps.  You can follow us on instagram as @shawnmichaelm and @racheleva.  I also have an instagram account just for exploring my love of textures, @texturestudy.  Here are a few shots from our trip to the cabin last weekend

Instagram Photo @racheleva Mountain Fire Watch

Texture of Tree Stump @texturestudy









And Even More...

Stick around for a special post coming soon about how I think that Shawn Michael’s hairdressing business is also just an extension of “Work of My Hands.”  He's a crafty one!