Kickstarter Project a Roaring Success!

lamp lighting kickstarter art

A little over 3 weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to prepare for an art fair we will be exhibiting at during the last weekend in April. Making art can be really expensive! We’d been building the Sculptural Lighting collection for the past year, and until this point, our art had been completely self-funded.

We’d completed a few commissions, but they covered only a fraction of our total expenses. Looking forward at our semi-adequate shop, our need for materials, and the costs associated with an event we were tackling for the first time, we knew we wouldn’t be able to pull it off by ourselves.

We needed help.

We launched our Kickstarter project on March 9th at 10:00 PM, with an accelerated 3-week timeframe. Here’s a snapshot of our project:

Project: Electricity in Art: Sculptural Lighting

Timeline: 22 days (March 9–31, 2012)

Funding Goal: $5,483.61

Total Funds Raised: $6,271.00 (114%)

Rewards Offered:

  • Thanks on our blog (coming soon)
  • American Apparel T-shirt
  • Thank You Print (woodblock printed thank you card)
  • Letterpress Print (limited edition 11 x 14 print)
  • A quote or phrase of your choice incorporated in an art piece we’ll be making
  • Pendant Lamps
  • Studio Tour & Dinner Party
  • Original Letterpress Drawings in pencil & ink
  • Pledge Amount toward artwork at the show, or toward a commission

No. of Backers: 82

Average Pledge: $76.48

Here’s our funding progress over the 22 days: Kickstarter Funding Progress

Here's a chart that shows how popular each "reward" or backer-level was:

Kickstarter Reward Popularity

Our project was nowhere near the size of some of the mega-projects on Kickstarter, but $5,000 was a formidable number for us, even though we knew we needed all of it and more!

The average pledge amount for most Kickstarter projects is much lower, and we are thankful for the many backers who gave generously in exchange for some of our original art, and for several of our backers who gave generously and asked for nothing in return!

For more information about our project, and to follow the project updates, visit the Kickstarter page here: Electricity in Art: Sculptural Lighting

If you missed the boat and wished you had pledged, you can still get your hands on a WOMH t-shirt, Pendant Lamp, Letterpress Print, or any of our created (or commissioned) pieces of art! Visit us at ArtWalk in April at booths #151 & #153, or contact us directly to chat about what you’d like! Our email address is workofmyhands(at)gmail(dot)com.

T-shirt, Pendant Lamps, Letterpress Prints

In closing, if you haven’t explored the many creative projects currently funding on Kickstarter, please go now and see what the artists, musicians, writers, inventors, foodies, dancers, directors, designers, gamers, actors, comics, photographers, fashionistas, techies, and independent spirits are dreaming up!