Commission Me Now, or Lose Me Forever

Some people say that commission work is an artist's "bread and butter," but that true inspiration lies in the purely creative piece - a work designed with no limitation.  That may be true.  But I don't think that "bread and butter" has to be any less inspired than a work of art that springs right up out of my mind while studying afternoon cloud patterns in the sky. I was eager to begin creating when a friend of ours asked us to make a piece as a Christmas gift last month.  We knew the recipient, and Shawn Michael and I found great pleasure in incorporating her style and sensibilities into a custom-designed work of art.  I found myself thinking, "If Jenny were an electrical sculpture, what materials would she be made of?  What colors would she be?  Would she have an 'on/off' switch?"  Yes.

Jenny's sculpture was followed by two additional pieces inspired by their soon-to-be owners. These artworks (shown below) were designed for Patrick Norton and his brother, Michael Norton, and incorporate specific, norton-esque design elements, which make them uniquely theirs.  And, let's face it - who doesn't like Norton?

If you've got a great idea for a custom designed sculpture, especially one that lights itself, you might not want to sit on that idea for too long.  Great ideas have a way of running off and getting lost. Shawn Michael and I may be working diligently to bring our new Sculptural Lighting collection to life, but we always have room for friends.

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