All I want for Christmas is "NO"

All of you December-born can relate to "NO" as you lament sharing your ever-coveted birth attention with the holidays. It just seemed apropos to conceive this amorous white beauty alongside Christmas festivities. Though it doesn't quite have the jovial flair of your freshly harvested, rootless, newly-positioned and abundantly lit retail pine, it does share some interesting aesthetic mixtures; a fun new direction for WOMH. The "White Collection" just got back-handed by the "Industrial Collection," and it 'hurts so good;' not unlike the healing abuse of a firm Thai massage. This is the first of our spring 2012 family to stake its claim in two collections, kind of like your garden variety politician. Notable Materials: Reclaimed Heart Pine, Discarded Bed Frame, Vintage Conductor, Repurposed/Hand-Crafted Hardware.

The only problem with making a piece like "NO" in the Christmas season is that I want it for Christmas.

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