A Sneak Peek at Sculptural Lighting

How about an action-packed preview!? Here we have 11 of our finished works, and some brief descriptions of a select few. "Army Box" was inspired by mid-century military hardware, tools and weapons, and also emulates depression-era, or "recession era" furniture qualities. All wood and most of the hardware is reclaimed. This sculpture belongs to the "Natural Elements" Collection within the Sculptural Lighting sequence.

"Pendant Grid," grapples with the cold, hard, sturdy surfaces and elements normally regarded for their longevity and functionality, rather than their beauty. They are seen here baring themselves: vulnerable, aging, changing and adapting through time, slowly and elegantly adding a dusting of rust.

"Pillar T" is made of heart pine, reclaimed from the city dump. This stout chunk of wood comes to a peak with a steel fitting that extends out to the most vulnerable tips. This is the place where the fragile bulbs hang, completely unprotected and alone, in stark contrast to the security of the base.

"Fortified," a rigid amalgamation of numerous rare, exotic, dense woods.

"Porcelain Hangman": Japanese modernism, Victorian furniture and early french aesthetics contribute to this piece. These themes are found throughout the "Vintage White" collection.

This work will be displayed for the first time (with many others) in April 2012, at the San Diego Mission Federal ArtWalk.

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